Looking to increase your Practice Fees Effortlessly?

Zingerpay's Tax and Accounting Practice Alliance Program is for you.

Zingerpay has been thoughtfully designed to deliver streamlined Tax and Bookkeeping engagements with a compelling value proposition to clients.

What’s in it for you?

  • Best in Class Engagement Delivery Platform with a User Friendly and Intuitive Self Service Front End for your Clients  and a Powerful Back End Delivery Capabilities for your team.
  • Engagement Delivery Tools and Templates
  • An array of Expert Led Functional Training (On Demand and Instructor Led) for your team.
  • A Compelling Opportunity to :
  • Command higher fees
  • Show your clients that you're not just a number cruncher, but a financial maestro!
  • Get paid based on strategy, NOT hours worked
  • Scale your business WITHOUT increasing hours
  • Have steady, recurring revenue

Why should you act now?

Finance, Accounting and Tax represents some of the major professions that will be significantly impacted by Automation and Artificial Intelligence.
Early adopters will be the clear winners in this new operating model which integrates traditional accounting activities with technology driven efficiencies.
Intentional and deliberate technology enabled process optimization will not only offer substantial cost advantages, it will also deliver speed and error rate reduction.
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Which countries do you currently serve?

We currently offer our services in the following countries:
  • Nigeria : nigeria@zingerpay.com.
  • Kenya : kenya@zingerpay.com.
  • Ghana :ghana@zingerpay.com.
Next Generation Technologies with Automation and Machine Learning
Work from Anywhere with Secure Cloud Connectivity
Streamlined Approvals with Electronic Workflows
OneStop Vendor Management
A Complete Small Medium Business Financial Process Management Suite
Elimination of G/L Bank Reconciliation Pain Points
Elimination of Data Entry Errors
Elimination of Duplicate Payments and Over Payments