ZingerPay Intelligent  Automation

Unlock the promise of Automation and Machine Learning in your Financial Process Management

Payment Automation and Treasury Management Solution

Scales for Businesses of all Sizes

Small Businesses
Mid Sized Businesses
Large Corporations

ZingerPay Intelligent Financial Process Management Solution Benefits:

  • Single Source of Truth for Harmonized Accounting Data
  • Standardized and optimized financial processes.
  • Prevents and detects fraudulent payments (duplicate invoices, over-invoicing, spoof invoices, etc.)
  • Automated fixed asset lifecycle management (acquisition, capitalization, depreciation, and retirement).
  • Embedded controls and risk management
  • Spend management through budget limits on cost centers
  • Supplier self service portal for invoice submission, bank account updates, payment status inquiry.
  • Leverage the power of integration with external business partners (banks, payment gateways, payroll service providers etc…)
  • Efficient processing (reduces time, saves employee costs and related overheads)
  • Optimized cash management with timely visibility into global cash position, cash flow forecasting  and flexible payment scheduling.
  • Simplified employee payments management (payroll and expense reimbursements)
  • Eliminates late fees and penalties
Accelerated Time To Value with Quick and Simple Implementation
Cash Flow Optimization
Efficient Automated Invoice processing inless than 5 Minutes
Streamlined Approvals with Electronic Workflows
OneStop Vendor Management
Improved Compliance and Fraud Prevention
Elimination of G/L Bank Reconciliation Pain Points
Elimination of Data Entry Errors
Elimination of Duplicate Payments and Over Payments

Vendor Self Service Portal enhances Supplier Collaboration


Supplier Bank Accounts details are centrally maintained and validated


Suppliers submit invoice from the portal and attach supporting documents


Compliance related documents are managed and submitted through the portal.

Payment Analytics

Zingerpay comes pre delivered with an array of payment analytics reports.
Duplicate Payment Checks
After the Fact Purchase Order
Non Compliant Vendors
And More …..

Accounting Ledger

Zingerpay offers integration to your accounting ledger to eliminate typical pain points associated with Bank Account Reconciliations.
General Ledger Coding at Transaction Source
Real-time update on success or failure of payment requests. No more uncleared effects
Validate Supplier Bank Account against Bank Database. No more inaccurate Supplier Bank Account information.

Use Cases

ZingerPay Intelligent Payment Automation Solution Scales for Businesses of All Sizes

How It Works

| Efficient | Intuitive | Cost Effective|

What Our Users Are Saying

~ Jeniffer
"Zingerpay has increased our customer's experience, and is driving efficiency in our business model. The ability to have a "Paperless Invoice and Payment Experience" with AI taking over extracting data from invoices emailed by suppliers has been priceless!!"
"After attending a Demo Session with the ZingerPay product team, I decided to give the solution a trial with a subset of Suppliers currently paid by our organization.
I was pleasantly suprised by how easy it was to use the solution that we quickly decided tomigrate all our vendor payments to the platform.
We were especially impressed by the end to end visibility offered to the different stages in the invoice and payment lifecycle."
~ Angela
"Before subscribing to ZingerPay as our invoicing and payment processing solution, we were often inundated with Supplier Quesries regarding the status of thier invoices?
Now with the Vendor Self Service Portal, our suppliers are able log in for up to date status on their invoices and payments"
~ Augie

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What Our Users Are Saying

“I am truly amazed at how Zingerpay has demystified the concept of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for us.We always assumed these were big budget solutions designed for very large and sophisticated companies. Zingerpay has successfully demonstrated how a company of our size - with less than 5 employees can derive enormous benefits from Automation and Machine Learning."