Accounts Payables Automation

Zingerpay offers Accounts Payable Automation Solutions helping organizations address pains point in their payment process such as:
  • Inefficient Invoice Entry and Processing Cycle Times
  • Invoice Data Entry Errors
  • Duplicate Payments / Over Payments
  • Bank Account Reconciliation Issues
  • Lost or misplaced Invoices
  • Sub Optimal Cashflow Management and lack of visibility to Global Cash Position
How we solve them:
  • ZingerPay extensively uses automation and machine learning with embedded risk and compliance framework

What’s in it for you?

  • Achieve invoice and payments processing cycle times of less than Three minutes (reduces time, saves employee costs and related overheads).
  • Accounting Ledger that eliminates bank reconciliation pain points
  • Embedded Controls that detect and prevent duplicate, and fraudulent payments.
  • A Supplier Self Service Portal for your Suppliers to submit Invoices for your review and approval for payment.
  • Cashflow Optimization tools for Global Cash Position Balances and Cash Flow Forecasting.
  • ERP General Ledger Integration.

How much does it cost?

Our services are priced in the local currency of each market that we serve.
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Which countries do you currently serve?

We currently offer our services in the following countries:
  • Nigeria :
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
Accelerated Time To Value with Quick and Simple ONBOARDING
Cash Flow Optimization
Efficient Automated Invoice processing inless than 5 Minutes
Streamlined Approvals with Electronic Workflows
OneStop Vendor Management
Improved Compliance and Fraud Prevention
Elimination of G/L Bank Reconciliation Pain Points
Elimination of Data Entry Errors
Elimination of Duplicate Payments and Over Payments