Zingerpay Solution Overview

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    Zingerpay End To End Business Processes

    Zingerpay offers a comprehensive end to end process capability right from ordering from suppliers, paying suppliers, taking customer orders, tracking customer receivables, collecting payments from customers, all the back end accounting and tax compliance.

    Process Listing

    1. Order Inventory or Supplier Service
    2. Submit Invoices via Self Service Portal   / Email/Post
    3. Enter Supplier Invoices Directly on Portal / Review Self Service Vendor Invoices
    4. Post Inventory Receipts / Confirm Service Completion and Submits Compliant Invoices for Payment
    5. Enter Point of Sale Transactions to Record Sales and Process Payments
    6. Submit Employee Business  Expense Reports
    7. Release Approved Payment Requests
    8. Review Financial Transactions (including Sales from Cash Register) and Post Journal Entries
    9. Completes Bank Reconciliation and Posts Adjustment Journal Entries.
    10. Review Financial Transactions, Post Period End Closing Journal Entries and Prepare Management Accounts
    11. Reviews Management Accounts with Accountant
    12. Prepares and Files Annual Tax Returns
    1. Order Inventory or Supplier Service
    This is often times the first step in most third party interactions by most companies. ZingerPay offers a Purchase Order based process that includes Goods Receipt Processing to complete a verification of actual product delivery. This is an optional offering and is not required in order to initiate a purchase of products or services from your suppliers.
    2. Suppliers are able to submit their invoices through any one of the following channels: | Self Service Portal |  BOT Monitored Email |  Post |
    The supplier self service portal is the preferred channel for suppliers to submit their invoices. They are also able to add their preferred bank account for payments, submit compliance related documents, and also check status of their payments on this portal.
    The next preferred option is to email supplier invoices to a Unique BOT Monitored Email Address provided by each customer to their vendors. This email is AI enabled to read and input vendor invoice data directly into ZingerPay Business Process Management Application.