Intelligent Automation Training for Finance and Accounting Professionals

Why Intelligent Automation?

It's the Future of Work!

Achieve Greater Efficiencies by Shifting from Low-Value to High-Value Work with Robotics Process Automation (RPA) & Machine Learning (ML).

Automation and Machine Learning offer a unique opportunity for Businesses to add value in previously unimaginable ways. They enable computer systems to perform manual tasks faster, cheaper, and more accurately.

Accounting and Finance processes present some of the best opportunities for Digital Transformation.

Our Immersive Program is designed to provide Hands on Capabilities in Automation and Machine Learning for Finance Professionals

About the workshop

The workshop is offered weekly in select locations.

It runs from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Local Time (Select Registration Form to view local sites).

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Contact Information
Adewunmi : +234 809 541 5932, Ann + 234 805 441 5543 , Emmanuel 234 808 204 4270
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Learning Objectives